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About international flight booking

International travel in Saudi Arabia will only grow further, since almost three fourth of its 5 million inhabitants are expatriates. The forecast is expected to see stronger growth for international travel and tourism, thanks to economic growth in the SA and globally.

Whether its business travel, annual vacation or leisure travel, people are looking for the best rates and the best service with lots of options from a travel agent. The traditional travel agents attend clients, give them options to choose from, issue ticket and collect cash from them directly. Then customers get very less options which the agent provides them. Travel industry is evolving with the introduction of online travel agencies. Now everything is at the clients' figure tips. One can search for flights, get wide range options to choose and purchase tickets online with their credit card, and conveniently pay as per their payment terms.

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International Flights

Post the bilateral agreement, Saudi-Arabia 's airline market is rapidly liberalizing. With the presence of a large number of MNCs and foreign companies in Saudi-Arabia there is a great demand for international airlines in Saudi-Arabia. Millions of peoples and other foreigners travel frequently to and from several business and tourist destinations in Saudi-Arabia for leisure and business needs. In the changing scenario easy international airlines booking facilities using latest technologies and Internet have become a reality. Due to a large number of domestic as well as international airlines companies, the market is also catching the wave of cheap international airline tickets, pioneered in western countries in the past. Usually, Asian carriers are cheaper than their American and European rivals. The Saudi-Arabia domestic airline sector is becoming notorious for offering cheap international flights, compelling international carriers like KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific to cut back on high taxes and surcharges. Therefore, low-cost international airlines in Saudi-Arabia are sure to boom in the forthcoming years.

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Some major international airlines operating from Saudi Arabia are listed below.
Air India booking
Air India is India's flag carrier airline
Air India Express
Air India Express is a low cost airline of Air India.
Kuwait Airways
Emirates is a Dubai based airline.
Etihad Airways
Etihad is United Arab Emirate's flag carrier.
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar.
Srilankan Airlines
Srilankan airlines is Srilanka's flag carrier airline.
Oman Air
Oman Air is the national airline of Oman which is based in muscat.
Lufthansa Airlines
Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany.
Air Arabia
Jazeera Airways

Procedures of Online International Flight booking

You can follow these simple steps for your flight booking
  • Go to the site http://sa.akbartravels.com
  • Select from and to cities and departure and return dates (If it is a round trip) and click search button.
  • Chose the appropriate airline of your choise.
  • Review the flight details and fares.
  • Enter traveler details, passport details, contact details and make payment.
  • Print eTicket.

Important points for international flight travelers.

You have to carry your passport, Visa and medical certificate if required. Hand baggage and check-in baggage dimension and weight should be according to the flight rules which you are going to travel. The products such as knife, lighter, matchbox, certain chemicals etc. are not allowed to carry for security reasons as per Dangerous Goods Regulations Act (DGR). Check in should be done minimum 3hrs prior to the departure time.
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